He will never leave us, He will never forsake us

From the moment God created us He put all His love in us.
He prepared heaven for us, He give us all we needed.
He made us greater than we could have ever imagined, He has walked before us In every situation and He is with us in any situation. Everytime humanity would drift from God He was still there. We were the ones moving away from Him or against Him and He kept moving towards us. Anywhere we are at any situation we are surrounded by His love.
I want to be giving that kind of love.
Unconditional love We are not only called to love, but show/teach by setting an example with our acts, of Gods love.

Rember! His grace is sufficient for you

Jesus died for our sins… He went through pain and suffering for us. I love Him for what He has done for us and I want to receive the responsibility of glorifying Him in everything I do. I want to glorify Him even In my breathing, with every cell of my body, the way I talk and move to glorify Him. In every relationship especially with my brothers and sisters in Christ ,God shall be the center. Even when I don’t get anything back, even when they don’t understand, even if they don’t see, even when it hurts I will continue to glorify God for it is not about me but for His kingdom, I shall not wait to earn anything from people but all my rewards and promises and fulfillment for me come from the Lord. I want all my actions to glorify God, every thought, every tear or smile could be that His grace is expressed in me by Him. It is hard at times. And a lot of times I fail. But I feel the responsibility and I want it. I cannot think that the lord became a sinless man and suffered for my sins, and I doubt and have stress… He didn’t rise from the dead for me to have doupts but to have faith. When I wake up and know that He has given me much more things than the things I don’t have I feel thankful. He makes things possible. From all my sins I feel more shame when I dwell in doubt, and when I don’t focus on Him. We are the Israelis that are going to the promised land and keep doubting God while we are in the dessert, He is feeding us with manna (He always provides and delivers according to our needs at that time) and we keep asking for meat. The promise is there but we keep thinking we are going to suffer in the dessert. We want to also stay in the desert because it is good enough, but we have the promised land waiting for us. It is written that every promise given to the people of Israel was fulfilled. What is your desert now? And what is your manna?

Not only to serve my wants but mostly to get closer to God, and I’ll use every means and people He allows me to do so. And I hope I would be used in that way for others, I want to carry this responsibility for Him’ And I pray and hope that I grow more in to this being part of my identity I thank God that He talks to me with His Word and situations His word is saying nothing is impossible, In situations I see He always makes a way. God is always making a way and He is always there!

Gods plan. Our mission. Sacrifices and blessings.

When God gives you a new mission to serve Him Stand in position Be ready to fight, and give away. Our godsent mission is our top priority meaning we will need to give our full attention there. That would be tested, He will test how ready you are, how many things you are willing to let go, the sacrifices. We will need to put on hold our wants. But it’s good because we are given time to filter our wants and to reevaluate. Those will later become don’t wants or maybe our reward of faithfullness to be even grater than we imagined. God is calling us to put on hold, some situations, plans, people because He wants our full attention on His mission, He is faithful! He might be saying ‘no, I will give you something better» or «it is not a no, it is a wait for later when the timing is best and you are ready».
We might want to act on situations, plans people our way,but think how will God would want you to act on these on the present time, the time you are serving God to the fullest. How would He like you to approach situations, and invest outside His plan?

But our God is faithful and He loves us and so that we find joy in serving, joy that we don’t find by our earthly desires. He rewards our faithfulness and it is His will to get everything our hearts desire, He covers our needs, He gives us rest. Every time we express a desire God makes a promise to us (to give us what we want or something even better) None of our hearts desires will stay unanswered, because He is our loving Father, the One who wants to bless us.

Make me ready Father, prepare me, humble me. Throw any test at me and give me strength to do your will… I don’t want money I don’t want success those things will not fill me, only in You I be full. I am greatful! Thank you!

I fear God because He loves me

I fear God because He loves me… I fear that if I don’t obey the steps He has ordered for me (out of His love) there is no other way. That I’ll be lost without Him or screw things up.
You fear (and respect God) by obedience.

And every decision (small or big) I have to make I ask Him what is the best possible way according to Him, otherwise I will fail. It is not that I succeed always but I discover everyday I need Him more. As I grow in my relationship with God my fear and love for Him grows and it is a way He reveals Himself to me. It is not fear of getting punished it is fear that I won’t get to discover more of Him and His blessings.
And I am glad I am in fear of Him!

Serve God daily

When you start your day, your first conversation should be with God.
First thing you thank Him for everything He does. Than you question : how can I serve you today? Sometimes we get consumed on the bigger plan or the future plan, giving a lot of attention there, and maybe worry. Sometimes we feel like we are in a dry season and there is not a lot to do. But there always is!
So we shall ask God everyday how can we serve Him THIS day. If we don’t get an answer just remember how blessed you are and to share love with others, help others, be happy. This the best way to show what His grace does, and to serve Him daily. Let there be no days were we don’t ask, were we wake up and go to sleep and the day has gone by just existing, nor should we pass by people without offering any kind of help and love, maybe all the need is a smile, or to help them carry the bags from the supermarket . We shall serve the Lord, our father, every day like He loves us every moment!

GOD, the source of everything good

I feel God saying today I AM the source. God is the source of everything good for those who seek Him and follow Him.
He is the source of love
He is the source of blessings
He is the source of happiness
He is the source of success
He is the source of wisdom, ideas, growth He is the source of health
He is the source of wealth And many more.
For anything we are seeking He is the answer!

A prayer

God you know our hearts better then we do. You know what is best for us, you are perfect, loving, patient. We are sinners and yet we are so precious to you. Let us take a moment to feel this in our harts I AM A CHILD OF GOD! when I am inpatient You have a perfect plan for me. When I get frustrated and angry You are loving. When I feel like everything is going wrong you have already a blessing for me. How blessed are we to be so precious to you? We are human and we don’t see what You see. Let us be filled with Your grace and see past the sorrow, agony, and our earthly expectations. Let us see what You see, let us listen to Your voice, let us feel Your love. Let there be more of You in us. Amen in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy spirit!

Seek first the Kingdom of God


Everything we do we shall do for the Kingdom We have no ownership and we are not to be praised in works like this. It is not a competition of how great our work is, and God massuarements are different, He doesn’t messuare in qaunity but what matters is how much we do and give from our heart

What ever i am called to do for the Kingdom i will do with all my heart with the talent gifts and role God has given me.

Matthew 6:33 
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you

Mark 12:42-44
But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others.  They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Food for thougt – questions – conviction

Take some time and think
Who does God want me to be?
How did i serve God and people today?
What were my acts of love today?
How does God want me to rejoice in Him?
I am living in the joy He has set for me?
What kind of life does God want me to have? present and future
What did God say to me today? Did i listen?
How can i do better?
When i talk about God do i do it with ego just to prove that i am right, or do i let the Holy spirit guide me and let God work through me as i represnt Him?