The power of the gospel to live a life of sacrifice.

There are two big prayers that I have prayed that changed my life, and I guess most of us who have committed to follow Jesus. First big prayer was to accept Him my as Lord and Savior, second was to surrender so He would use me. In both of them there was excitement for surrender. I don’t remember I was even having a bad day or a good day, I just remember how much I wanted this.

When hearing the gospel I was amazed. Jesus died for me and I did not deserve it. But knowing His sacrifice made want to surrender to Him, surrender everything.

God has a plan and He wants me in it. Who me? The Creator of the universe? There was a feeling of gratefulness and excitement that led me to say: here I am God, use me! I didn’t care about anything else. Praying this prayer I knew it was going to be hard, but following the gratefulness that Jesus died for our sins it felt so worth it. I felt pumped up and full on board, without holding back and an inticipation for this to take part. Feeling to do a 2 dime sacrifice.

Do you remember that prayer? Do you remember the excitement?

Reality is that now we are living it and feel at times tired, defeated, or just sustained, maybe praying for a break or rest, or even just giving our 2 dimes because we know that’s how we need to continue and be faithful, giving everything with a weary hand. How about when we gave the 2 dimes with excitement?

Sometimes we feel we don’t have the same fire…. Looking back though the fire was created from the power of the gospel.

The gospel hasn’t changed and its power won’t change according to any situation or feeling. Let’s not feel that hearing it, it becomes familiar. And even when we share it let’s strive to be amazed as the first time we heard it.

What is your next prayer? Look to the Cross and be filled with the power of the gospel, willingly and greatfuly surrender to life of sacrifice!

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