I fear God because He loves me

I fear God because He loves me… I fear that if I don’t obey the steps He has ordered for me (out of His love) there is no other way. That I’ll be lost without Him or screw things up.
You fear (and respect God) by obedience.

And every decision (small or big) I have to make I ask Him what is the best possible way according to Him, otherwise I will fail. It is not that I succeed always but I discover everyday I need Him more. As I grow in my relationship with God my fear and love for Him grows and it is a way He reveals Himself to me. It is not fear of getting punished it is fear that I won’t get to discover more of Him and His blessings.
And I am glad I am in fear of Him!

Serve God daily

When you start your day, your first conversation should be with God.
First thing you thank Him for everything He does. Than you question : how can I serve you today? Sometimes we get consumed on the bigger plan or the future plan, giving a lot of attention there, and maybe worry. Sometimes we feel like we are in a dry season and there is not a lot to do. But there always is!
So we shall ask God everyday how can we serve Him THIS day. If we don’t get an answer just remember how blessed you are and to share love with others, help others, be happy. This the best way to show what His grace does, and to serve Him daily. Let there be no days were we don’t ask, were we wake up and go to sleep and the day has gone by just existing, nor should we pass by people without offering any kind of help and love, maybe all the need is a smile, or to help them carry the bags from the supermarket . We shall serve the Lord, our father, every day like He loves us every moment!