The wilderness season

We can see in the Bible two main wilderness seasons. One is when the Isrealites where moving out of Egypt heading to the promise land and the other one is just before Jesus started His ministry.

The wilderness season is as season of preparation, and its not an easy season, but it is necessary!
Now for Jesus He had to go for 40 days on His own without food and water and the devils temptations.
The israelites were 40 years in the dessert being fed with mana. This was a journey that could have lasted 40 days but it took them 40 years

Why 40 years? Well…
. They needed to get rid off Egypt (change mentality from old to new)
. They often doupted God (for their daily needs mostly)
. And when they didnt see things happening in their own time they would try and find a way by themselves (creating other gods, comlaining)
In your wilderness season there has been a bit of this as well, right ?

How about our wilderness season?
. It will be hard
. Our faith might be tested
. It will be painful to be stripped at times of our Egypts (our old mentality)
But we know the promises of God
. He is with us
. He will provide for our daily needs (food, water, clothing, shelter. Jesus also said in His wilderness season while been tempted by the devil that we do not only need to be fed by food but also by the word of God)
. And we will come out of it stronger

In our wilderness season, we might doupt, we might ask for more than what we need (the Isrealites asked for meat while they had food), we will have attacks and temptations, hardships. But God is with us and there is a promise land for those who ednure and trust in God

Behold,I am about to do something new;even now it is coming.Do you not see it?Indeed,I will make a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert
Isaiah 43:19

Don’t look back, look foward!


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