Rember! His grace is sufficient for you

Jesus died for our sins… He went through pain and suffering for us. I love Him for what He has done for us and I want to receive the responsibility of glorifying Him in everything I do. I want to glorify Him even In my breathing, with every cell of my body, the way I talk and move to glorify Him. In every relationship especially with my brothers and sisters in Christ ,God shall be the center. Even when I don’t get anything back, even when they don’t understand, even if they don’t see, even when it hurts I will continue to glorify God for it is not about me but for His kingdom, I shall not wait to earn anything from people but all my rewards and promises and fulfillment for me come from the Lord. I want all my actions to glorify God, every thought, every tear or smile could be that His grace is expressed in me by Him. It is hard at times. And a lot of times I fail. But I feel the responsibility and I want it. I cannot think that the lord became a sinless man and suffered for my sins, and I doubt and have stress… He didn’t rise from the dead for me to have doupts but to have faith. When I wake up and know that He has given me much more things than the things I don’t have I feel thankful. He makes things possible. From all my sins I feel more shame when I dwell in doubt, and when I don’t focus on Him. We are the Israelis that are going to the promised land and keep doubting God while we are in the dessert, He is feeding us with manna (He always provides and delivers according to our needs at that time) and we keep asking for meat. The promise is there but we keep thinking we are going to suffer in the dessert. We want to also stay in the desert because it is good enough, but we have the promised land waiting for us. It is written that every promise given to the people of Israel was fulfilled. What is your desert now? And what is your manna?

Not only to serve my wants but mostly to get closer to God, and I’ll use every means and people He allows me to do so. And I hope I would be used in that way for others, I want to carry this responsibility for Him’ And I pray and hope that I grow more in to this being part of my identity I thank God that He talks to me with His Word and situations His word is saying nothing is impossible, In situations I see He always makes a way. God is always making a way and He is always there!



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