Gods plan. Our mission. Sacrifices and blessings.

When God gives you a new mission to serve Him Stand in position Be ready to fight, and give away. Our godsent mission is our top priority meaning we will need to give our full attention there. That would be tested, He will test how ready you are, how many things you are willing to let go, the sacrifices. We will need to put on hold our wants. But it’s good because we are given time to filter our wants and to reevaluate. Those will later become don’t wants or maybe our reward of faithfullness to be even grater than we imagined. God is calling us to put on hold, some situations, plans, people because He wants our full attention on His mission, He is faithful! He might be saying ‘no, I will give you something better» or «it is not a no, it is a wait for later when the timing is best and you are ready».
We might want to act on situations, plans people our way,but think how will God would want you to act on these on the present time, the time you are serving God to the fullest. How would He like you to approach situations, and invest outside His plan?

But our God is faithful and He loves us and so that we find joy in serving, joy that we don’t find by our earthly desires. He rewards our faithfulness and it is His will to get everything our hearts desire, He covers our needs, He gives us rest. Every time we express a desire God makes a promise to us (to give us what we want or something even better) None of our hearts desires will stay unanswered, because He is our loving Father, the One who wants to bless us.

Make me ready Father, prepare me, humble me. Throw any test at me and give me strength to do your will… I don’t want money I don’t want success those things will not fill me, only in You I be full. I am greatful! Thank you!



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